Why Home Remodels Can Be More Painful Than Stepping on a Lego

If you’re gearing up for a home remodel, you’re likely bracing yourself for the chaos and headaches that are often feared. But fear not, because you’re not alone in this struggle. As a design-build firm, we’ve seen it all – from the frustration of choosing the perfect build partner to navigating through endless design options. And let’s not forget the ultimate pain-inducer (especially if you have little ones): stepping on those pesky Lego. Yep, home remodels can sometimes feel like that – especially when you don’t have the right partner by your side.


Let’s dive in and get right to it.


  • Endless Decisions

    Ever walked into a home improvement store and felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of decisions you must make? That’s just the beginning. From choosing materials to deciding on layout changes, the options seem endless, and making decisions can feel downright paralyzing.

    • How we can help: Our signature design-build approach guides you through the process to help you make choices that not only look great but also fit your lifestyle and budget.

design options laid out

  • Budget Battles

    Ah, the dreaded B-word. Figuring out how to stretch your budget without sacrificing quality can feel like trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube blindfolded.

    • How we can help: With careful planning and creativity, we can help you achieve the look you want, while ensuring you recognize the benefits of your investment. Think of us as your financial navigators – value engineering is core to our design process.
  • Living in Chaos

    Living through a remodel is not for the faint of heart. Dust, noise, and disruptions become your new roommates. Suddenly, the cozy sanctuary you once called home feels more like a construction zone.

    • How we can help: Our first suggestion will always be to relocate for the duration of a large-scale renovation. But, we understand that’s not always possible. During our feasibility and design phase, we’ll work with you to find viable solutions if you remain in your home during your renovation. From setting up a temporary kitchen to employing proper air scrubbers that ensure air quality is up to par, we’ll do everything in our power to minimize the chaos. We always implement the basics, like dust barriers and efficient scheduling to keep things moving.
  • Design Dilemmas

    Ever spent hours deciding whether to go with subway tile or hexagonal tile? Yeah, we’ve been there too. Design decision dilemmas are a real thing. They can turn even the most confident homeowner into a ball of nerves.

    • How we can help: First, we’re here to provide expert advice and gentle nudges in the right direction. With our help, you’ll make decisions with confidence and clarity – no second-guessing required. Second, photorealistic renders are one of our favorite tools for setting realistic expectations of the finished space. Renders bring the design to life before a hammer is ever swung. They allow us to accurately represent materials, lighting, textures, and spatial relationships.

side by side of photorealistic kitchen render and actual finished kitchen

  • Unforeseen Challenges

    Just when you think you’ve got everything under control, life throws you a curveball – or in this case, a plumbing leak, or a structural issue. Home renovations have a way of uncovering hidden surprises, and dealing with them can feel like navigating through a minefield.

    • How we can help: We’re seasoned pros when it comes to handling the unexpected and that’s why you hired us. We’ll assess the situation, come up with a solution, and keep the project moving forward – no matter what obstacles we encounter along the way.


With the right team by your side, completing a home remodel is never a nightmare. From navigating through endless decisions to dealing with unforeseen challenges, we’ll be there every step, ensuring your remodeling journey is as smooth and pain-free as possible. So go ahead, dream big – because with us, anything is possible. We’ll even throw in storage solutions for those blasted Legos.


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