Investment Guide

You have a vision, but what will it cost?

We’ve compiled this investment guide in the interest of being as transparent as possible. The reality is that renovating and building is very expensive and costs increase year over year.

There are hundreds of variables that can impact the project cost.
That is why every project we take on is planned specifically to meet the needs and requirements of the homeowner and the home. Not only does it need to align with your budget and preferences. It also needs to make sense for you, your lifestyle, and your expected return on investment.

We look forward to discussing your project with you and sharing our client-focused approach to designing and building your home.

Kitchen Renovations

Basic Remodel Starting @ $125K+

A basic kitchen remodel assumes that the existing footprint of the space remains the same. Meaning no walls removed, and no electrical or plumbing to be relocated. Typically, this base cost assumes a small space. Design and appliances are not included.

Medium Complexity Renovation Starting @ $165K+*

A medium-complexity kitchen renovation typically includes removing walls or additional framing to support a new floor plan. Relocation of electrical and plumbing, new lighting plan, updated floor, and potentially a new window or two. Design and appliances are not included.

Complex Renovation Starting @ $200K+

A complex kitchen transforms your home into the ultimate chef’s kitchen and entertaining space maximizing flow and function. New walls, new windows, new floor plan, premium finishes, and custom touches throughout. Design and appliances are not included.

*The vast majority of our kitchen remodels are medium to complex.

Bathroom Renovations

Basic Remodel Starting @ $30K+

Basic bathroom remodels are typically small half baths or powder rooms that we gut to the studs and bring them back to life! The layout remains intact and electrical and plumbing remain in place. Design not included.

Medium Complexity Renovation Starting @ $65K+

A medium-complexity bathroom renovation assumes we re-envision the existing space to make it work harder for your family and be gorgeous at the same time. No need to compromise. Design not included.

Complex Renovation Starting @ $90K+

This is your dream bathroom. If you can imagine it we can create. We are repurposing every inch of space and maybe even borrowing space from other rooms. Luxury finishes and fixtures are the standards. Design not included.

Basement Renovations

Basic Remodel Starting @ $110K+

A basic basement remodel assumes the existing 500sf spaced is transformed into a totally functional extension of your home. Assumes one single, open-concept room. No bathrooms or kitchens. Design not included.

Medium Complexity Renovation Starting @ $140K+

A medium complexity basement renovation assumes a multi-room layout of 500sf, potentially even a small bathroom or perhaps a wet bar for entertaining or even more windows to increase light. Design not included.

Complex Renovation Starting @ $150K+

Turn your 500sf space into a fully functional extra living suite with custom cabinetry, kitchenette, bathroom, bedrooms and closet space, and more. We design a highly customized extension of the home. Design not included.

New Construction & Additions

Determining the cost of a new construction or the cost of an addition is a different process than a renovation. It requires detailed construction drawings, an itemized project scope, interior elevations, material selections, and more.

With all of these variables, it is impossible to give accurate “ballpark” numbers. Because these numbers can widely skew based on the specifics of your project and property, we offer Preconstruction Services as a standalone service which includes the development of architectural plans, interior design, scope creation, material selections, and detailed costing to arrive at an informed cost and timeline. Preconstruction services are a standalone service and separate effort from the construction.

We welcome the opportunity to share with you how our Preconstruction services can benefit you and your build. Contact us and let’s get the conversation started. It is never ever too early to start planning.

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