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Whole Home Renovation

Whole Home Renovation Contractors in Ipswich, MA

If you love your home’s neighborhood, location, and feel but are due for a more functional floor plan, consider a whole house remodel without giving it another thought.

At Walczak Design + Build, we can work with you to redesign your living space to give you the layout you have always dreamed of. We understand that many homes are “almost” perfect for growing families, empty nesters, or new homeowners who love the house’s bones but aren’t over the moon with everything else. In these cases, a whole house remodel can be an opportunity to start fresh on rooms and spaces that you have always wanted to improve.

The All-In-One Solution For Your Home Renovations

Stop pining over that picture-perfect home in the latest issue. Instead, create your own home with our help, which is sure to be the envy of your neighborhood.

Walczak Design + Build creates custom homes tailored to your needs and style. Our partners leverage our combined experience in the field to deliver the highest level of craftsmanship and service to our clients who rely on our expertise and know-how in new home construction.

The Best Whole Home Renovation Contractors in Ipswich, MA

When it comes to whole house remodels, we have worked with clients to make it work with their schedule, sometimes working a room at a time or doing an entire project simultaneously to make the process go more quickly.

We have the expertise to deliver if you wish to upgrade your home. Our team specializes in creating functional and harmonious designs that cater to your needs while maintaining a consistent aesthetic around your home. Our team has the experience to handle all the aspects of whole house remodeling, from design to construction and installation. 

In fact, we’ll seek your input so your home will always have your fingerprint. Your confidence in us drives us to keep your best interests at heart and guarantee customer satisfaction in all that we do.

Why Choose Walczak Design + Build For Whole Home Renovation?

As with any project we take on at Walczak Design + Build, we follow a simple, understandable process. Our first conversation about your whole house remodel is a conversation. We start with a free consultation to learn your goals for the project and prioritize your needs. Only after we understand those do we share our experience working in homes throughout Ipswich, MA. We use this experience to help you craft a game plan and walk you through the following steps, including budgeting, timeline, and selection of materials.

Like all of our custom work, you’ll be able to rest easy as the project begins, as we’ll coordinate with our team for a smooth process. We focus on being the only contractor you have to call, so you can spend time thinking about how you will use your new space.


Start living in a home with the bathroom, kitchen, living room, and bedroom you envision. Work with Walczak Design + Build and let our experts help turn your vision into reality. 

We Guide

Once you decide to remodel your home, our home remodeling contractors will guide you through the home design and building stages. This is essential to ensure that you obtain the exact specifications you desire. 

Your Needs in Mind

While we ensure keeping your needs in mind, our team will let you relax with peace of mind. We seek to provide you and your loved ones with a modern, up-to-date, and functional home.


Working for hours, we ensure that our choices are compatible with the design concept and scope of work. Our professionals will design the whole house working together with you to succeed in their mission.


Our team has the spirit to develop and implement ideas for a successful outcome. Whatever the situation, we’re always ready to help our clients find a solution.

Our whole house remodeling projects include a timeline, a design concept, and a scope of work that outlines all the tasks and responsibilities involved in the remodel. Ensure to communicate your goals, priorities, and budget to our professionals, so we can develop a plan that aligns with your vision and resources.

Get Professional Kitchen Renovation Services in Ipswich, MA

When it comes to whole house remodels, we have an extra advantage at Walczak Design + Build because we excel in design and build services by having expert designers on our team. That means that just about anything we dream up together can be accomplished and finished with a beautiful touch.

Ready to talk about your whole house remodel? So are we! Contact us today at 978-238-0325, and we’ll get your initial consultation scheduled. Your custom dream home awaits!