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Let Walczak Design + Build plan and design, and you watch as the kitchen of your dreams comes together!

Have you been dreaming of a kitchen remodeling project that would make your cooking space more comfortable for everyday living? We have done kitchen remodeling across the Ipswich, MA, region at Walczak Design + Build, and we know that the kitchen is where the action is in many homes. From eating with family to sharing drinks with friends, your kitchen should be a room where you want to spend time. 

So whether it’s that custom breakfast nook you’ve always desired or an island with stools where the kids can have a snack, we will help you plan, design and construct the kitchen you deserve.

The All-In-One Solution For Your Kitchen Renovations

At Walczak Design + Build, our kitchen remodeling process starts with you. We begin with a conversation about what you want for your kitchen. Moreover, we walk you through ideas and suggestions based on real examples of our work from other kitchen remodeling projects we’ve done in the Ipswich area. As we talk, we will list your goals for your kitchen remodel and prioritize what you want most and what will work within your budget.

With our remodeling and renovation management legacy, our skilled professionals can add value to your property. Large or small, when it comes to anything related to remodeling, consider it done. Our latest techniques and experience ensure that kitchen renovation with Walczak Design + Build is smooth, reliable, convenient, and long-lasting. 

The Best Kitchen Renovation Contractors in Ipswich, MA

With the information in hand, nearly anything is possible when remodeling your kitchen. We can increase the function of a small space, give you a modern, updated look, repurpose adjacent space to create a larger kitchen, or build an addition to develop that spacious new kitchen that fits your whole family. The options are endless, but the plan will be made to fit your desires.

As we work on your kitchen remodel project, we always share our progress with you so you know when your dream kitchen is ready for use. Of course, kitchen remodeling takes time, but our entire team is located in Ipswich, MA, and our skilled contractors will always handle their local neighborhoods, so your project. We also are careful to book project timelines with realistic expectations, so your project won’t get delayed because of another project we have. We put you first and are ready to help make your dream kitchen a reality!

Why Choose Walczak Design + Build For Your Kitchen Renovation?

As experienced home remodeling professionals, we understand just how much potential there is in your kitchen. Whether you’re interested in making a few minor changes or a significant kitchen overhaul, we’ll help you take your cooking and food preparation space from good to great with our kitchen renovation process: 


Before we get started, we’ll meet to discuss what you’re looking for in your kitchen remodel. It is also important that we discuss up-front your budget for the project, as that will impact the initial planning, scope of work, scheduling, finish selection, and more.


Our home remodeling professionals will schedule an on-site visit to take measures of your kitchen cabinets, counters, fixtures, etc. We will also assess in this phase any limitations or restrictions we may encounter in implementing your kitchen remodel.


We will create a kitchen design plan that incorporates everything we discussed in our initial consultation, and those features will help you maximize your use of the space. You can review our suggested color palette and cabinet colors and decide on flooring, tile, backsplash, and countertop materials for your kitchen remodel. 


We will implement your kitchen remodel once we have your final approval. Prep work differs based on the scope of the renovation project. However, we recommend that you empty your cabinets of all their contents for added ease and convenience and establish a temporary kitchen elsewhere in the house where you can heat up food, make coffee, etc.

The kitchen is the heart of every home. Why not make your time in the space as enjoyable and stress-free as possible with our functional and innovative kitchen renovation services? From our initial consultation to our final walk-through, Walczak Design + Build will help you make the kitchen of your dreams a reality! 

Get Professional Kitchen Renovation Services in Ipswich, MA

Do you dream of sipping coffee from a cozy breakfast nook? Or catching up with an old friend over wine at your new luxurious kitchen island? Walczak Design + Build can make your dream kitchen a reality. In addition to kitchens, we can assist you with your bathroom, attic, basement, and whole home renovations.

Contact us today at 978-238-0325 to learn more about our custom home design renovation and remodeling services. You can also fill out our form online for an initial consultation. Request a quote now!