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Home Additions Contractors In Ipswich, MA

If you already have a home you love but need more space, it is a perfect time to discuss your home addition plans.

At Walczak Design + Build, we have helped clients across Ipswich, MA, with home additions that create more livable spaces and often include the dream interior or exterior space they’ve always wanted. We have covered common additions, including garages with apartments, first-floor expansions, and second-story expansions with new shed dormers. Even if you are looking for a new porch to add country charm and value to your house or a functional indoor/outdoor living space like a sunroom, we can help. We have partnered with our customers on operating master suites or bedrooms and other projects where we have significantly increased living spaces and offer brand-new, expanded kitchens.

The All-In-One Solution For Your Home Additions

As a homeowner, you constantly explore new ways to make your space more aesthetic, efficient, and cost-effective. However, those explorations often end with a steep quote or a sub-par construction job, which is why the skilled professionals at Walczak Design + Build think it vital to offer unmatched home additions services so you can continue improving and imagining without restraint.

Because of our design and build method, Walczak Design + Build is Ipswich, MA’s leading home additions contractor. Based on communication and transparency, our process ensures you fully understand your home addition project’s structural and financial implications. 

Furthermore, we use the most updated technology on your home for efficiency and curb appeal. Walczak Design + Build can help you save time and money, helping you transform your living space in countless ways. 

The Best Home Additions Contractors in Ipswich, MA

Whatever your home addition ideas are, we will help you turn them into actionable plans. Every customer project we work on at Walczak Design + Build follows our process. It starts with a free consultation to learn what you want for your home. From there, we can help put your plan together, bringing in our experienced crew and even adding the help of a professional interior designer. We will talk you through timelines, expectations, budget, and materials choices.

Throughout the project, we focus on being your single-source contractor, meaning you only have to deal with us as your project progresses. This will help make a bigger project stress-free, as you can focus on how to use your additional living space when it’s done. 

Why Choose Walczak Design + Build For Your Home Additions?

Walczak Design + Build offers unparalleled expertise and innovation to help you bring your concept to life. As we work with you, we are respectful of your home and your family members. Additionally, our team understands that we are working in your home, so we leave a clean job site while we work. We appreciate the opportunity to be invited into your house, and it is not an invite we take lightly! We are


With experience comes knowledge! Yes, we agree. We have a thorough understanding of everything, from up-front planning and budget concerns to work-around solutions for complex challenges. Our skilled contractors will take care of everything.


Also, note that we address your concerns with clear, thorough explanations. We’ll never speak down to you but act as a mentor.

We Listen

We listen to our clients and always take note of each important conversation. We discuss things inside out and will indeed exhibit patience with your concerns. 

We are Stable

Having vast experience, it has been a long since we have been in the remodeling and renovation industry. Our stability has been our strongest pillar, deciding that we have stood for the longest time in the industry.


We practice transparency in everything we do. We aim to provide a creative means of customization at affordable prices. 

Trust the best! We will help you fulfill your dreams and turn them into reality with our hard work and dedication. In addition, we are happy to tell you about our projects so that you can see for yourself and make better decisions. After all, your happiness and satisfaction are our greatest strengths!

Get Professional Home Additions Services in Ipswich, MA

Ready to create more space in your crowded home? We are prepared to deliver you bespoke services with our team of professional home additions contractors in Ipswich, MA. Walczak Design + Build offers its clients the best remodeling and renovation services with high-end results. We have the potential to make your dreams come true.

Identifying imperfections and improving upon them is a quality any proud homeowner embodies, and Walczak Design + Build makes improving easier. Contact us at 978-238-0325 today to better your home. You can even drop us a message for any query. We would love to solve it and provide you with practical solutions.