Walczak Design & Build


Custom Cabinetry

Design The Difference

At Walczak Design + Build, we pride ourselves on establishing collaborative relationships and open dialogues. Over the years, these conversations led to our decision to carry custom cabinetry. Custom cabinetry allows us the flexibility to build exactly what our clients want. And come in a plethora of finishes, shapes, and styles.
Each of our projects is distinctive and is made to order by the master woodworkers at Custom Wood Products.
We partner with Custom Wood Products because of the quality and integrity of their craftsmanship for more than 40 years from the heartland of Kansas.

Benefits of CWP Custom Cabinetry

Fully Customizable.

Our wood and finish options are almost endless. Explore the many possibilities, and together we can make selections to enhance your new space truly.

Endless Detailing.

The details can elevate each design to the next level. We offer a variety of specialized elements like valances and paneled ends to every organization solution possible.

No Waste Packaging.

From the factory to your door, your cabinetry is wrapped in furniture blankets and handled with the utmost care. Not a single piece of waste will be left behind.